1. fuck-yourself-daily:

    Pussy fucked.

  2. rule34andstuff:

    Fictional Characters that I would “wreck”(provided they were non-fictional):

    Princess Jasmine(Aladdin).

  3. queen-cumslut:

    Aimi Yoshikawa

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  4. we-are-naughty:

    She was such a nervous girl but secretly she wanted someone to look up and see, the idea made her cum extra hard.

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  5. sborraaiosa:


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  6. drconfess:

    Submitted by a follower:

    I really want him to cum inside of me.I daydream about the expression on his face and him gripping me tightly as he releases his hot load inside of my little tight pussy and all the excess seeps out.I wanna feel every bit of him pulse inside of me.

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